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May 2011

tkPDF is a powerful tool for creating PDF documents in Synergy® programs.
Features include Line Drawing, Foreground and Background Colors, Boxes, JPEG Images, Fonts and more. Use tkPDF to create complex forms or simply add PDF capability to existing report files.

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December 2010

We take the guesswork out of EDI Implementations.

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December 2010
OpenVMS PDF Forms

Enhance corporate image while saving time and money on customized forms created in-house.

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November 2007
Turn-Key begins implementation of Samba

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) based on Samba

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) provides users with seamless file and print interoperability between OpenVMS and Windows-based clients.

The OpenVMS file and print services are based on the Samba.org Open Source/Free Software suite that provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. The software runs on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Itanium platforms. It is similar to implementations that are in place today supporting Linux and UNIX operating environments. Use of the evaluation kit requires OpenVMS Version 8.2 or later for both Alpha and Integrity servers.

The HP OpenVMS file and print services use the industry standard TCP/IP protocol. When configured correctly, it allows an OpenVMS host system to interact with a Microsoft Windows client or server, as if the OpenVMS system is a Windows file and print server.



Summer 2007
Introducing KeyMobile for Bev-Pak

Physical Inventory, Bar-Code Maintenance & Product Lookup on a wide variety of wireless handheld devices


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HP Disaster-proof solution

HP puts its disaster-tolerant capabilities to the test

At a high-tech ballistics center managed by National Technical Systems in Camden, Arkansas, HP simulated a gas leak using real explosives that resulted in a very real explosion and datacenter destruction.

What was blown up? Products from the entire spectrum of HP products, including HP Integrity servers, HP StorageWorks products, HP Software, HP Procurve networking and HP ProLiant Servers running five operating environments-HP-UX, HP OpenVMS, HP NonStop, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft® Windows Server 2003.

Explosive results

Every system failed-over flawlessly after the explosion—with all HP solutions resuming full IT services in 13 seconds to less than two minutes.

With proof like this, you know you can count on HP products and solutions to be disaster-proof if and when you experience a site outage of any kind.

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Did you know that most teenagers are using OpenVMS and don’t even know it?

That’s right. Two-thirds of the world’s text messaging is done on OpenVMS. This includes the big names in cell service like Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, and Vodafone to name just a few.

With clients serving more than one billion customers in 135 countries across six continents, LogicaCMG delivers more than half of the world's text and multimedia messages and serves three-quarters of all videomail users. With HP Integrity BL860c server blades and the OpenVMS operating system supporting their newest release of SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center), LogicaCMG were the first to enable management decision making based on real-time analysis of subscriber behavior. LogicaCMG payment systems have processed over $100 billion. In addition, they enabled the TV show, American Idol, to interact with a record-breaking 60 million voters.

"Two-thirds of the world's text messages sent daily are transported by the renowned LogicaCMG Short Messaging Service Center, so we must continue to innovate and offer feature-rich software and high-end computing. With HP Integrity BL860c server blades and the OpenVMS operating system supporting our newest SMSC release, we can provide our customers the next major advancement in flexibility, capacity, and high availability—all at a highly competitive price."

Henk de Boer
Senior Vice President, Messaging

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